About Us

Oddz & Endz Smoke Shop was conceived in the mind of one of the founders in late 2014. circumstances being what they were at the time he decided after quitting smoking cigarettes using vapor products to open a vapor store instead.

Fast forward four years and quite a bit of business experience later the idea of a smoke shop kept coming to the surface of his mind but bringing smoke products to his vapor stores just did not match the mission statement or the business plan for those businesses.

After much discussion and planning with his family he decided to open a new family business with his son as a partner that had the mission of providing Smoke related products to those who were need them.

In May of 2017 purchasing of goods and construction began on Oddz and Endz Smoke Shop in Delmar, Delaware which opened in August of 2017.

In September of 2022 construction began on the second Oddz & Endz in Seaford, Delaware which opened in November 2022.